Friday, September 12, 2008

You know those nights?

When you come home from a second exhibition opening, full of good wine and happy feelings because the wine was free and the lovely exhibition booklet is quite sturdy and made your photography look rather grand ...?

I just had one of those nights.

Not only that but I met up with the lovely Eva and her classical Spanish guitarist-playing man at the exhibition and it seems like I might be attending a concert of his in the park tomorrow afternoon.

Marc, fellow photographer but of the extraordinary type, and his vrouw, Louisa, the sculptor and his wife and I spent the evening hanging out together ... new friends from our shared space at the other exhibition nearby, talking of traveling New Zealand in the not too distant future.

Marc's going for sure .. .the rest of us ... less sure.

I had been too exhausted by the time I arrived home after a challenging day at the office but Marc phoned and said people were asking where I was ... so I went and had the best time ever actually!


Kay said...

Good on ya! I am so glad that you are having fun in cultural circles. It's a real bonus of the creative life, getting together with other creatives.

Di Mackey said...

It is, isn't it Kay! It will be a lovely day when I finally get to have a coffee with you back home in NZ, talking of hanging out with other creatives.

gary rith said...

The best time, yay!

Di Mackey said...

Thanks for your 'yay' Gary. I woke up this morning and thought 'Hmmm, what exactly did I write while under the influence of a little bit of that very good wine?'

Deadlyjelly said...

YAY! To all the above, but especially your Kiwi safari. Just make sure you travel after December x

Di Mackey said...

Well, they didn't remember too much about our plans when we met up on the following Sunday night, Niamh and now only Marc is going there.