Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Over the feeling sorry for myself thing ...

So who cares about money anyway.
It will come ... one day.

Today I realised that I live a life rich in experiences and I'm grateful for that.

You see I'm just home from 2 hours spent learning how to make the Turkish Sarma ... the Sarma pictured here, They're my Sarma and yes, I'm so proud of myself. I'll cook them tomorrow ... there may be a follow-up photographs ;)

But it wasn't only about the Sarma, I had the privilege of spending time with a lovely Turkish family and we talked of Turkey ... of the food, the people, our experiences there and how much we miss it.

My Turkish slowly came back to me ... don't ask me how much, I'll only tell you that it's a lot for a girl born in Mosgiel.

(And a correction regarding my previous Dolma post.
Dolma is the 'stuffed' pepper and while I didn't realise it, Sarma means 'rolled' and it was the Sarma I wanted to make. Apparently the confusion sometimes occurs because some Turkish people call the Sarma Dolma.)


Manic said...

They look lovely, so the two with the lighter colour are yours, right? :P
See, you don't have to do paperwork to make food. Well not yet, I'm guessing that's the next step, but anyways, like they say south of the border of language, bon appetit.

womanwandering said...

Excuse me Meneer Manic, but they're all my own work :)

Yes, let's not talk about the paperwork and rules the foul little de Winter creature will bring in regarding interaction between non-Belgian immigrant groups.

Bon appetit ... 'Afiyet olsun' is how they say it in Turkey

christina said...

They're gorgeous! I once tried to make some with grape leaves from our own vine and they were, um, interesting to say the least.

I know them as "dolmades" but that's the Greek word, isn't it?

womanwandering said...

Hey Christina ... you have to have the grape leaves specially processed don't you? 'Interesting' huh ... :)

I guess it's the Greek name but I'm the last person to ask about language. I love them anyway and they gave me the recipe for the yogurt and garlic sauce.

Alina said...

OMG! I was simply blog hopping and got here after visiting your blog a while ago, I don't remember how. Then I saw sarma (sarmale - plural in Romanian) and say your blog description. It suddenly brough back lots of memories of my grandma's house, my trips to Istanbul and a whole bunch of other great memories :)

Alina said...

Oh, and dolma and sarma are both of Turkish origin and then spread all over (Bulgaria is another example):

womanwandering said...

Hey Alina, lovely to find your comment here. Thanks for the link :)