Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's been one of those days ...

It started early, the usual 6.45am ... breakfast with Gert and little Miss Two.

That done, I achieved tremendous amounts for all kinds of reasons and at different points was inspired by kind words from both Shannon and Alison.

Serious moments often turn to laughter quite quickly these days and at one point, while feeling quite touched by something Shannon had said, I was dragged back to earth and laughter by the words 'I'm here Granma, I'm here!!' Looking down, I found Miss Two sitting at my feet in a large plastic salad bowl with a child's plastic safari hat in her hands as a steering wheel.

'Brrrrmm, brrrmmm!'she said, making me realise she was in fact a car and not a 2 year old child as first assumed.

Life got a little too much for Miss Two around 1pm and she was quite wicked at the supermarket. Oh the illusionary and misleading power of an umbrella when in the hands of a short person. The umbrella she pointed at me with, her face a mass of thunderclouds when I dared to tell her to go sit on the chairs as opposed to her seat on the crate next to the self-help sweets.

So she was encouraged into an afternoon nap ... then slowly but surely the apartment fell silent, as her mummy and granny slipped into siestas in different rooms.

I woke around 5 with an 'eek!', shared cake and milk with Miss Two when she wandered out, then we woke up her mum.

Now it's all about some fast footwork as we tidy the house and make it look like we were industrious souls all day long and not some sleepy siesta-taking types.

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