Tuesday, May 08, 2007

An adventurous kind of morning ...

Little Miss Two and I took Gert's children to school on the bus this morning. We were invited in to meet their friends. They were lovely kids ... one of them was shocked when she learned I was older than 35. A truly discerning child.

After the visit, I thought we might catch the bus on in the same direction and see where it took us. It was fun and we ended up city centre.

McDonalds seemed like a plan by then and we wandered over however ... Belgium is special and McDonalds doesn't open for breakfast until 9.30am! And even then, it's only for coffee, tea and croissant type thingies.

I carried a distraught Miss Two from the store and headed for Exki where we bought a big coffee for gran and fruit salad for the noisy short one.

Conversation and counting from a table upstairs till we left, carefully carrying most of the fruit salad minus the grapes and caught a tram home.

A different kind of way to start my day ...


Manic said...

Damn that one kid was so sucking up to you. Doesn't he know you have to mock kiwis before they are with their heads in the sky, they would crash if you didn't, they don't have wings.
Never knew we started working so late, how I missed all those hours of sleep getting up too early. What's wrong with croissant type thingies? They's like the best ever, I could eat it for days and days and days. Well maybe not from McDonalds, but other pasteries shops, my oh my oh my, a kid in a candy shop.

woman wandering said...

Your English is getting disturbingly fluent, Meneer Manic ... 'so sucking up to you' lol.

I have no idea why two 12 year olds would even be discussing my age but hey, I take compliments where I find them and children are usually far harsher when guessing the age of old folk.

V-Grrrl said...

Ha, ha, ha--still chuckling over the reference to "the noisy short one" and her grapeless fruit salad.

woman wandering said...

Maybe I should bring the noisy short one over to Auntie V-grrrl for a couple of days ;)

She's the most lovable minx and completely charmed an elderly Moroccan couple on the tram home.