Monday, May 21, 2007

Di, public reader of Belgian Poems (in English, she whispers)

So I said yes to reading the English version of a beautiful Herman Deconinck poem at the Herman Deconinck party ... on a stage in front of people.

Who knows what possesses me when I say 'okay' but he's a favourite poet of Gert's and I had no real reason to say no.

I'm trying to be brave about losing my laptop and deleted my sad little desperate post written at 1am this morning.

Even if it didn't read 'sad and desperate' to anyone else, I knew it was sad and desperate so it had to go.

I crawled back into bed this morning and considered where to go with my life from this point ... well yes, of course the loss of a laptop can inspire this kind of life-changing feeling.

I think I'm back on track, let's see it.


Peter said...

It's a pity invitations to a Herman Deconinck party are hard to come by - guess they have a rather strict guest list ;) But anyway, it's great they chose you.

Laptops are priceless - especially the personal content on the hard drive... I hope you had a back-up routine - most people have one until they find out that their last full copy dates back to last year.
Anyway, I should be more careful with back-ups myself as I know first hand what it means to lose priceless data.

On a personal note: isn't Gert getting nervous about the upcoming elections? The latest polls show that his boss might be in for a rough ride. I tend to "bump" into him (he doesn't know me, obviously) when he has dinner near the Antwerp town hall.

But whatever the results, it's going to be yet another coalition - many people really feel that casting their vote means less each year, giving rise to "fun" parties like "nee"(No).
Guess I lost track of your original post :-)

paris parfait said...

You are brave to read the poem. I'm sure Gert appreciates it. And what's the story with your laptop? Did it crash? Sorry I'm behind due to painful dentist's visits and must catch up with your posts. Gorgeous photos from the Ardennes - sounds like a glorious occasion! xo

Di Mackey, Photographer said...

Thanks Peter but it's probably more about my availiability than any skill on my part ... then again, a New Zealand accent is something a little different maybe.

Oh laptops ... it's so forlorn on my desk.

Gert's working hard towards putting Ludo out there. Let's see what happens.

Di Mackey, Photographer said...

Hi Tara, sorry to read of painful dental visits. I'm putting off my repairs for as long as possible. I'm devastated that my lovely dentist may have messed up and desperately want to find a dentist in Belgium who is good and works with a dental assistent. Apparently this is unlikely ... I'm considering writing to my dentist and his assistant, begging them to come over and just fix my teeth.

The laptop died.
I wrote a sad and pathetic post then deleted.