Tuesday, May 08, 2007

my strange life ...

i'll write this in lower case because i've done a lot to get out of working today.
i've been wildly successful and now i'm ashamed ... hence the lower case post.

i didn't do 'nothing' nothing, i simply didn't do anything i was meant to do ... nothing from the excessively long list that continues to grow.

however little miss two and i did run away to the city and spend money we shouldn't have spent on expensive latte and the 3 grapes (consumed) fruit salad.
(hours have passed and nothing more has been eaten of that very expensive eski fruit salad ... sigh).

i've talked to and emailed with friends i've neglected a while.
i've fallen in love with lays chicken and thyme crisps.
i've had coca cola and coffee ... avoiding water for no reason beyond not thinking of drinking it.

i've realised that i'm only wise about others ... and even that claim should be filed under 'doubtful'.

i've weighed the pros and cons of using my bedroom as my daytime workspace because there is no other spare space at our place.
i've considered putting a screen next to my desk when i'm working and i've written of gutting empty filing cabinets to create a post modern office here in the lounge.

perhaps it's best if it simply put on the headphones and crank up the music.

i washed a rude amount of dishes, completing the housework minutes before gert's ex-wife arrived to pick up the childrens stuff.

there's a lot that i haven't done but listing it here didn't look good, so it's best i just keep silent about it all.

i hope that your day has been or will be so much more organised than mine ...

good luck.


Manic said...

Seems like you are having a blast. Doing what you are supposed to do is hard, for some reason you always put if off until it's too late. Humans, who knew. :P

woman wandering said...

A friend of mine used to talk of 'zero time' - leaving things until there is no time left to mess around with and one has to work hellishly hard and fast to get the task done.

Sigh, problem is that I have no deadlines for anything on my list.