Sunday, May 06, 2007

New Zealanders living in Belgium

Today was a lovely day spent catching upwith people we've come to know over time through social occasions organised by the group known as New Zealanders in Belgium .

As is usual in this Belgian life more than one nationality was present at today's gathering ... we had lovely Aussie hosts, a few of their friends, a lot of Kiwis, some Brits and some Belgians and the guy from Malta.

The group is a loose-knit social crowd who are always a pleasure to see.

More than a few photographs were taken and there's hours of work to be done. Now it's about calming down an exhausted but happy Miss Two.


Manic said...

What great timing just before the end of summer, you Kiwis always had great sense of the weather.

woman wandering said...

Manicccccccccccccccc, no ... it's not the end of summer, don't say it :(

Mark J said...

This may seem strange in a way - but I could totally do the New Zealanders living in New Zealand BBQ. Sounds like fun, and a sense of belonging you just dont get whilst living here!

woman wandering said...

Well Mark, I'm thinking you should start a bbq-ing group in Auckland ... come summer, till then borrow Pam's idea of a soup swap monthly through winter (see my links list and wander through her blog at nerd's eye view).