Wednesday, May 09, 2007

However ...

Don't imagine that singing and dishes is all that I did today.
They're the last minute dash towards house-wifely respectability before Bompi comes home from work because you see ... most of my day has been spent working on photographs; more than 600 photographs actually.

Erik's are done - to be burned to cd.
Habib's are almost done - to be burned to cd.
The ATLAS reception photographs are done and burned to cd.
Diede and Francien's party photographs are done, as are Eltje's impromptu family sitting, to be burned to cd and posted.
Joyce's are ready to be gone over with my new photoshop programme, burned to cd and posted to Switzerland.

So, as you can see ... singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight many times at the top of our lungs while dancing and trying to keep within the boundaries neighbours might stand ... was a bit of a release after a long day spent in the office chair here.

It's raining again here but after endless hot days it's not so bad. And I can see there may be a need for a wee glass of red wine with the chicken chasseur we whipped up for dinner.


V-Grrrl said...

Applause, applause! You go Photographer Grrrl!

paris parfait said...

And just when did you find time to breathe? You are an inspiration, Di. But slow down, take deep breaths - and enjoy your evening and your day tomorrow. xo

woman wandering said...

Lol ... a giggling bow ;)