Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On feeling sorry for myself ...

bubbles ii, originally uploaded by - di.

I posted the sister image of this over on my photography blog but there was something about this one that appealed too.

Life goes on here.
Many many dishes to wash while there are 6 of us living in the apartment this week, making me a little less resiliant when it comes to discovering yet more roadblocks in officially starting my photography business.

I think I'll write a book on the experience. The frustrations have been exceptional sometimes.

Would I have come to this Belgian life if I had known how frustrating it would be to 'begin again' ... ?

Some days yes but other days there is this quiet but definate no.


Peter said...

Regarding "discovering yet more roadblocks in officially starting my photography business":

Di, does this have anything to do with the fact the 'a photographer' is a regulated profession in (over-regulated) Belgium?

Or am I just guessing and are there other issues?

If you need a laugh to brighten up your day for just a second, drop by at my blog: I got (by mistake) linked by the supporters of a Republican running for US presidency.

Anyway, I do hope the roadblocks can be overcome.

Manic said...

How can you not like Belgian bureaucracy? It's one of the finer bureaucracies in the world.
How did the Turkish food thingies go?

womanwandering said...

Thanks for the laugh Peter, the Republicans must have felt like idiots once they checked their Belgian 'link' more thoroughly.

I'm lucky, photography isn't one of the regulated professions, it was deregulated recently but the 'now' problem is too complicated to explain and sounds suspiciously like me having a whine ;)

Oh manic, Belgian bureaucracy is state of the art designed to drive a person crazy.

Turkish food thingies still ahead of me ... will report in later if it goes well.

Manic said...

And if it goes bad?
I so wanna hear that, how you burnt down a house or something. :P
Or how you broke all their china, coz if I remember correctly, you had a thing with breaking china :D

V-Grrrl said...

One of my favorite Di lines went something like this:

"Who knew falling in love with a Belgian was an offense punishable by paperwork?"

Maybe we should go over to city hall and piss on the steps. You know, mark our territory as Fierce, Creative Alpha Females Who Will Not Be Stopped By Bad Men in Dark Suits.

Grrrr. The growl in the Grrrl.

womanwandering said...

It's more about the consequences of using up all the money I brought with me to live while they processed my paperwork... more about that than any paperwork now ... although officialdom does carry a heavy weight with it. I'm trying to work out where to go with this next. It will come to me although becoming the roving 'Fierce, Creative Alpha Females Who Will Not Be Stopped By Bad Men in Dark Suits' appeals.

womanwandering said...

Manic ... how could you imagine my making sarma session going bad?

The only 'moment' was when I was offered an uncooked vine leaf, filled with raw meat, onion and etc to eat ... I chickened out of it even though you Belgians eat a raw meat concoction too.

Anil P said...

When it can't get any worse, it'll get better. Just hang on. It'll pass. It has to.

womanwandering said...

Thanks Anil :) ... I shouldn't post on the down days because they do pass. There's always a way round these things, it's just about getting on with it.

V-Grrrl said...

Oh money. How about this--we ride the Metro with Miss Two, all of us talking and singing loudly and occasionally throwing tantrums. We wear signs that say, "Will shut up for money." The euros will come rolling in. Belgies hate NOISE.

womanwandering said...

A disbelieving snort of laughter here Ms V. You have the sweetest face and then this wickedness just slips out of you sometimes.

It's a thought though ... Miss Two would surely melt hearts so we wouldn't actually be beaten for it.