Monday, May 14, 2007

A post on life with a boot-stealing fairy

the boot-stealing fairy, originally uploaded by - di.

The boot-stealing fairy broke into a run as I pursued her with a camera.

Those boots are my boots and only a gazillion sizes too big for her.

The boot-stealing fairy makes me laugh many times every day and the boot-stealing fairy's mother isn't much better ... life is very unserious here sometimes.


Lisa said...

She is positively adorable. It's lucky for her she's fast else think of the hours she'd suffer being the victim of unsolicited snuggling. :)

Manic said...

Just imagine her twenty years (talk about a euphimism:P)older and wearing those same boots twice the size and you've got Di :P

woman wandering said...

She is Lisa, adorable with enough character to avoid chocolate boxiness :)

I don't wear fairy skirts, Meneer Manic ;P