Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Di and ATV, Belgium

So ... that was me, the squeaky-voiced New Zealander on ATV's Inzicht programme tonight.

I had laryngitis when they interviewed me ... slightly humiliating to listen to tonight but otherwise I think it went well. I could have been slimmer, they could have discovered that slightly more flattering camera angle from the start and a make-up artist would have been delish but I didn't die of shame as I viewed it and that seems like a good thing.

Little Miss Two was briefly delighted to see herself there but Gert's daughter was horrified by a mistake she made in her English ... that would be the 11 year old who has never had an English lesson in her life. And therein lies the difference between the Belgian and I ... she's horrified by one mistake and I'm happy to get something right, and as for her English, it's superb.

I was the photographer for the Language exhibition that opens here in the city 1 June ... the presenter mentioned the exhibition (not me) tonight. It seems that the interview will be a part of that too.

The other interviewees?
Well there were two other families.
People with many languages inside of them and then there was me ... the more-or-less monolingual New Zealander.

Tot ziens.


Peter said...

Well, the first thing that crossed my mind was "let's call Di, before she forgets about the show" ;-)

So I did, while I had a small collection of fans in front of my TV: "There she is, shtt,listen!"

They all did listen and agreed you came across as a warm, emphatic and intelligent woman who eloquently (be it in English) made a most valid point: Dutch is no easy language, especially if your background has been many years spent in a mono-lingual culture down under.

Thumbs up for a great appearance on local Antwerp TV - it give me an insight ("Inzicht") in your life that a blog can never convey.

woman wandering said...

Oh Peter, a collection of fans in front of your tv???

I'm glad I didn't know - that laryngitis voice was something else. I kind of imagined/hoped the show might have slipped by unseen.

You know, when the phone rang I wondered if it was you ... as the show was on much later than I was told. Anyway, it was lovely to put a voice to the blogger - and thanks for the call.

And ... dank u wel for your generous comments regarding my tv debut. Much appreciated.

Antipodeesse said...

I hope one of your fans has YouTubed it, then we can all see!

paris parfait said...

I'm sure you did well! Can't wait to see the DVD - glad you're not letting the fame go to your head. :) xo

Manic said...

I did not see your appearance and that is mainly because they don't broadcast Antwerp TV in the rest of Flanders -there is some hostily there, but you have to keep it quiet :P. So, bad angle and laryngitis voice, sounds like you made a good impression.
Poor Gert's daughter, make one spelling mistake and it gets aired all over Antwerp. She won't be able to go to school anymore.
Well toodle-o, or however you right that horrid word.

Lisa said...

Arghhhh! I missed it! Did you tape it? And if so, could you put it on Youtube so we can bask in your glory? :D Seriously, I'd love to see it. You're becoming something of a celebrity, eh?

chiefbiscuit said...

Congratulations - you've only been in the country a minute and already you're making waves!!!

woman wandering said...

Hey Antipodeesse, I enjoyed wandering through all of your blogs :)

Fame ... there's no fame with this Tara. It was just a wee spot where I squeaked my way through the fact that I'm not learning the language as fast as I should ;)

Manic, I tend to say 'ta ta' but 'toodle-do' is perfectly acceptable too.

Lisa ... youtube it??
I can only say 'eek' to that. I'll let you watch it if you come stay here one day :)

Don't be too proud of me chiefbiscuit. I might have implied that coming from a mono-lingual country like NZ created some of the problem lol. And they're not really waves at all ... just the occasional ripples that bemuse me.