Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Quiet Sunday in Antwerpen

We are moving a little slowly today... a farewell party in Brussels meant that we were driving home at 3.30am.

And the conversations were so good that the wine slipped down without thought.

There was a small representation of American business folk talking of acquisition and mergers, bull markets, how they had met and where they had all come from.

These conversations probably weren't representative of their usual party talk, it was just that they had this inquisitive kiwi asking them many questions, curious to know how these new creatures from a different life worked.

They were lovely, reminding me of the America everyone admires ... the one where the son of Indian parents can end up in Washington as a lawyer and another, of Korean/African ancestory saw the opportunities available and is hugely successful at the age of 24.

The American melting pot, land of opportunity and etc
We talked briefly of Clinton versus Obama ... experience versus something new and interesting. No one seems to know for sure.

Enough though ... public poetry reading soon.
Tram 11 by Herman de Coninck, let's see how that goes. It's a beautiful poem so it's all about what this Kiwi does with it when she's reading it.


Manic said...

Tram Eleven is my fav too -has no idea what he is talking about, hates poetry coz it's to hard to get, is a tiny bit lazy.
How on earth do you get invite to all those cool parties? And I have to study wuzy fuzzy :( me no like.

womanwandering said...

Lol, poor Manic. The invites come because of my English :)

Next time you're over this way, we'll catch Tram 11 - you'll get that poem then. It simply describes what he saw on that tram here in Antwerpen.

Peter said...

I missed you by only an hour.. Due to rather unexpected delays during a most confusing day (you could tell from my voice-mail message on your cellular ;-) I arrived way too late in Antwerp, trying to make it in a hurry to the 'Draakplaats' (an area I now very well) on time.

I failed.

Tell me all about what I missed out on: was it it fun/exciting/worth reading?

Next time I'll make sure to plan ahead more carefully when you go on stage ;-)

womanwandering said...

I looked out for you in the crowd then I was so sorry not to contact you before you were on the tram Peter. I found your message as I was walking home from the tram around 6pm and we were only home for a few minutes before heading off to Gert's parents for dinner ... they had to meet their new great granddaughter.

But it was a great afternoon, I think you would have enjoyed it and maybe 'next time' ;)

Talk to you soon.