Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm just back from the city, relieved to be in out of the oppressive heat we have here today ...

But even better than coming in out of the heat was the realisation that my new 'P.A.' had gone over my desk in my absence and filed my 'stuff' in ways that stun and delight.

Now I have labeled folders, trays and envelopes, with all contents identified.
It's truly a thing of beauty ... all the more beautiful because my daughter did it without me asking for help.

Other news: I've started a new photography blog called Di's Photography Blog here linking from my photography website over here .

Did I mention the heat ...


Manic said...

I hate heat waves. We do we suffer from this? Your new site looks lovely novely btw. did I mention the heat?

Mark J said...

Cooler here these days. Got my camera out. Photo's on my blog once you recover from your fainting spell - Yes I did use my camera!

Oh - and there's another photo of Scot there so beware - you have been warned!

Peter said...

It must be great to have a P.A., especially if it's someone close.

All the best with your new photography blog - shifting gears is the best way to get forward!

womanwandering said...

You mentioned the heat Manic ... you mocker ;)

Loved the results of you getting out your camera Mark! Specially the one of the little rugby playing boy breaking away from the pack.

Thanks for the warning about the fact another grown-up photograph of Scot was being published. (He doesn't look like Joe 90 anymore)

The P.A. is great Peter, and thanks for your best ... it's getting there I think, I just had to alter my mindset some. I'm hoping to get a lot down on all my sites over the next few days. :)