Monday, May 28, 2007

Gifts with Heart and Felice Willat

2am and my daughter woke me.
She's ill.
3am and she's still out with Gert at the emergency doctor ... so I am here waiting.

The doctor was concerned that it sounded like a serious attack of angina. Fortunately Gert had already given me that fright, that diagnosing me with 'angina' one day in the elevator.

In a truly adult fashion, thunderstruck and worried, I had responded by sticking my fingers in my ears and telling him to 'hush!'...

Back home Angina is a condition of the heart and relatively serious eg: caused by narrowing of the coronary arteries

Here in Belgium our tonsillitis is known as Angina.

Anyway, I've been web-wandering as a form of distraction while I wait and wandered on over to Tewfic El-Sawy's Travel Photographer Blog .

He had written up photographer Felice Willat, linking his readers to her website over here , on a website called Tools with Heart.

It's worth wandering through ...

Update on the patient for those from back home reading this - she has tonsillitis, bacterial infection = strong antibiotics this time + strong painkillers. She's feeling slightly better this morning with all the meds in her.


Manic said...

I hope she's okay. Be the good mother that you are for your daughter and be the loving grandma for the little one.
I would want to say thank you as well for that one link which made me end up at this site lovely pictures from Central Asia, gosh it's so beautiful there.

Lisa said...

What a horrible way to be wakened in the night.

Why can't we ever be wakened by the a man with a check for 5 million Euros in our name?

Anyway, glad to hear your girl will soon be on the mend. Get some sleep today, mom.

womanwandering said...

She's not so bad this morning Manic ... it's only that she feels like she's been hit by a truck ;)

Glad you loved the photography site. The Travel Photographer link on my links list ... he's a brilliant source of superb photographers.

It was Lisa. My daughter's 20 but it all felt the same in a way, and if not then then this morning, when little Miss Two and I were sitting on the bed with her, chanting 'drink, drink, drink' as one does when one wants someone to drink that heavy duty soluble antibiotic lol.

I'd like to meet the little man who gives away 5 million euros ... I could get me a laptop ;)

Thanks for your messages. It was nice to find them here.

V-Grrrl said...

Poor Grrrl. I suspect that initial bout of illness she had when she arrived was never completely cleared out and bloomed again.

Blessings to Gert the Good for making the 3 a.m. trip to the ER...

Antipodeesse said...

Ah yes, the old 'angine' misunderstanding.

They do that to poor unsuspecting expats in France too!

It's no surprise that a simple cold in the nose becomes a 'rhinopharyngite' here, is it?

Peter said...

I'm glad she's better now the meds have kicked in.

But many people do not seem to be aware of the fact that even in English "angina" covers two very distinct conditions:

- a very serious heart condition
- a painful, severe soar throat

(they both have a strangling pain in common, but at a completely different location, and obviously,
the throat variety is not life threatening)

Anonymous said...

hi Di,

oh, i hope the little one gets better soon. chicken soup, maybe?

thanks for the consistent compliments on my blog!


womanwandering said...

I think you're right v-grrrl. Jessie mentioned last night that she didn't think it had completely cleared up ... so we're going to look into the whole thing more deeply as this chronic kind of tonsillitis has been a problem for over a year.

I'm making her v-grrrl's fabulous chicken soup tonight ... I told her that she should forget all other lovely soups that went before because this one is stunning.

'Rhinopharyngite!' ... that's so excessive for the simple cold. I think it reflects an attitude maybe ... the settler set, colonisers, world explorers are probably more likely to say ... It's just a cold, no worries, I'll break that back block of land for you tomorrow.

Whereas 'rhinopharyngite' would clearly require hospitalisation.

Thanks Peter, I had no idea about the fact that angina covered 2 conditions in English ... I had never heard it referred to in that way until I was in our elevator here in the city.

Hi t, of course there are consistent compliments on your blog, it's truly superb!

And as for your chicken soup idea ... it was a good one and she's having it for dinner tonight.

awomynda said...

Poor Jess! Marlon sends sloppy baby kisses x

womanwandering said...

Thanks Amanda, Jessie said 'Awwwww' when I passed on Marlon's sloppy kisses x

christina said...

Oh god, I was thinking the English "angina" too, but then it dawned on me that the Germans also use "Angina" to describe tonsillitis.

Phew. I do hope she'll be feeling much better soon!

womanwandering said...

Thanks Christina ... we're seeing signs of improvement this evening and she's 5 pills into some powerful antibiotics.

Angina ... there should be an 'angina' warning in an information pack for English speaking foreigners because it's not something you want to hear your doctor say when your there for your throat either.