Tuesday, May 08, 2007

America's Cup, a New Zealand Perspective

It used to be that back home in New Zealand when the Americas Cup Challenge came round most New Zealanders would factor it into their everyday lives, with most of the country buying into the pride and excitement each time we came closer to winning.

Belgium isn't like that.
Erin's my sole source of America's Cup .... well, mocking.

The landlocked yachtie is all but shouting 'Vive Espana' across the blogwaves to me, with less generous comments for my kiwis yachting heroes.

She's hilarious, and each America's Cup comment is slightly more outrageous than the previous one.

Finally I bowed to the fact that I have to be informed despite my location.
Erin sent me a link.

The rankings made me smile ... there's New Zealand in 2nd place.

Did I mention that there are only 4 million people in New Zealand and that we held the cup for two challenges ... despite having an incredibly small amount of funding from our tiny little fabulous country.

Lang leve Nieuw-Zeeland!!


wandering-woman said...

2 Cups? Impressive.
Did I mention the US held it from 1870 to 1983 (then again for 6 years, but out on that WEST coast..) .....and that it was held in my tiny little state of RI, home of 1 million, from 1930 til 1983?

But now it wants to stay in Valencia. Wouldn't you? :)

woman wandering said...

I don't know about that ... Auckland's yachting village is a rather spectacular place and the Italians seemed to enjoy it.