Thursday, May 31, 2007

Welcome to the Mad House

My daughter is well on the road to recovery ...

How do I know this?
Because of the laughter, the screaming and the running going on here in this space that I share with them.

But before she emerged for the day and when it was just Sahara and I ... I was trying to write a blog post early this morning when 'wheeeeeeeeee!, wheeeeeeeeee!' broke into my concentration and on looking up, I discovered a short creature sitting at my empty desk chair, spinning in circles and shouting.

A little later and I had the dancing-on-a-box creature wearing a hot pink t-shirt with 'dance' shimmering across it as she leapt about.

Then my little do-it-herselfer tipped the box upside-down and her drinking straws became drumsticks. A very serious drum session began and was duly photographed.

Things quietened some when she retired her 'drumsticks', putting them into the used battery bag and making them 'flowers for granma' as pictured here.

Shannon, now known as 'Shanty' by little Miss Two and her associates spent some quality Skype time with her and then later, while I was folding the washing, a fast-moving screaming giggling creature threw itself into the big duvet cover I had in my hands. The creature was being pursued by a second taller creature with a wet facecloth for face washing.

Maybe I'll have a wee nap after lunch ... or a big glass of red.


Manic said...

The bucket looked lovely. SO how is the washed linnen, is there a dirty face image in it?
A nap or a red, why not both.

womanwandering said...

I'm hoping the linen is still clean ... and the 'bucket', I know ;)

Both would be excessive, surely and anyway, I'm putting stuff together. The red will suffice as a reward tonight ...

Manic said...

Do you guys really call a boeket a nosegay? That's what I found on Wikipedia after your non-mocking way of my refererance to an emmer :)
Well it was a nice nosegay, sounds so wrong, but ay. Be the gayest you can be.

V-Grrrl said...

I do believe Miss Two is a Fierce and Creative Alpha Female. She's ready to mark her territory.

womanwandering said...

A bouquet ... giggling here, we do not call is a 'nosegay'. I think we're more likely to say 'Who gave you that bunch of flowers?' ... then there's the bouquet.

An emmer?
Just finished the 5pm clean-sweep of the house before everyone comes home. Tell me, I'm too tired to search and too destroyed to be anything beyond simple-minded ;)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

what a fun fun photo; it certainly shows life and movement

Manic said...

Emmer = bucket, so ironical you were talking about cleaning.
I'm thinking of starting on the old blog a Dutch course, to help you non-Dutchie get the grasp of our little language.

jarvenpa said...

it is always a delight to stop by your lively and often beautiful blog.