Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pringles Chip Tubes as Footwear

Sometimes, so many things happen in a day that I feel like I've been traveling ...

Today was the day that little Miss Two decided to slip her bare feet into two empty Pringle chip containers and attempt walking in them.

First time I looked up to the sound of someone stumping across the room towards me, there she was ... wearing a beautiful hand-painted dress with a white lace petticoat over her faded, knee-torn jeans with fairy wings on her back and ... a Pringles chip tube on one foot.

She looked like the entire Peter Pan cast in one busy little body ... a peglegged pirate, Tinkerbell and various other characters.

Our laughter fed her desire to entertain and she wandered off to find that other Pringles container we had floating around.

Next time I heard anything, it was the sound of sliding and scraping metal on our wooden floor.

I looked up and learned that it is impossible for a person to walk when both feet are wearing Pringles chip tubes.

She looked like a little mermaid ... but beached.

So it was a day of many things and the occasional falling-over-laughing-type incident.


Charles Frith said...

hello, did you get any pictures of this?

womanwandering said...

Hi Charles, I have pictures of her repeating the whole thing another day in less beautiful clothes ... hilarious creature that she is.