Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Louis-Pierre Dillais, French military operative, organiser of a bombing in NZ back 1985 ...

The Huffington Post was running a story involving the man known as the organiser of the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior ... it's a small world it seems.

Louis-Pierre Dillais, the French military operative who organized the 1985 bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, the famous ship Greenpeace used to protest French nuclear weapons testing in the South Pacific, is a high-level executive at FNH USA -- the subsidiary of Belgian Arms maker FN Herstal that supplies weapons to various U.S. government agencies and departments, including the Pentagon, DHS, and FBI, Harpers' Ken Silverstein reports.

It goes on with He was never arrested for the Rainbow Warrior bombing, even though he drove the inflatable that dropped two bombers off in New Zealand's Auckland Harbor, near where the boat was anchored. When his role revealed he was apparently shielded from prosecution because of his high-level political connections. His father-in-law, for example, served as France's foreign minister in the late-1970s.

(The bombing isn't the only high-profile scandal in Dillais' past. A dozen years after the Rainbow Warrior bombing, the Times of London reported that he was suspected of diverting cash from Saudi arms sales to presidential candidate Edouard Balladur.)

One can't ignore the incredible hypocrisy of Homelands Security making air travellers lives difficult while apparently ignoring Greenpeace's request back in September to Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, Julie Myers, to deport Dillais.

While DHS says they passed the information along to the FBI, so far no one has taken action.

I guess they're busy ...

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