Monday, March 02, 2009

So much going on ... in a nice way

Sunday, Raf and his Mamiya medium format camera came for dinner.

I think I might have fallen in love with the Mamiya. I guess that's what Gert would prefer, as Raf is his brother. Actually, I'm quite sure Raf is relieved too ;)

I had never ever used a medium format Mamiya before and was completely intimidated until Raf showed me how and voila, I wanted to keep taking photographs with it, go on a road trip, set up a portrait session, work outside with it ... stuff like that.

He had some very cool lenses too actually.
A Russian fish-eye that I am now on the look-out for.

Then today I was at work, after unravelling the mystery of my train tickets for Paris and Tara in the morning. I may have called the help guy at the railway station an angel, and he just might have beamed back at me. I don't think he's been called an angel before but truly, he was.

Work was a delight, lunch with a friend and then my boss had a proposal regarding my photography and an interesting project.

Gert and I are also beginning work on proposing a joint photo exhibition in the months ahead on something completley different.

And we're slowly gearing up for a two-week Istanbul guidebook photo-shoot in the spring.

Rome next week ... she whispers, with a smile so big.

The smiling is partially a result of sunshine today.
Today's newspaper told us the bare naked facts about sunshine hours in Belgium for the month of February ... 33 hours!!!!

Summer alsjeblief.

Spell that out loud and see if you don't get the giggles.
Alsjeblief is please (in this instance) in Nederlands.

Gert didn't know what to do when I all but fell from my chair laughing as he spelt alsjeblief out to me. Sometimes he forgets that I come from a nation of mockers and spelling that word is precisely what my people would do when they were annoyed with me for asking how to spell something simple ... they would just throw together some random letters.

Mmmm, I should go do some dishes to apologise, ik denk.


Barbara said...

Oh - it sounds like you had so much good fun that is funny (guess I'm channeling Dr. Seuss today;)) ... You sound so effervescent ... very nice!
As for that word 'alsjeblief', it looks like the 'word verification' thingies we have to type in!

Di Mackey said...

Lol, Gert will love it, Barbara ... word verification, exactly. It doesn't happen too often and I guess it's the same in every language but sometimes a word just looks really really odd :)

paris parfait said...

Looking forward to having you here. No funny words required - not even French. :) xo

distracted by shiny objects said...

So nice to hear you smiling, or read you smiling. Happy days:>)

Nihal said...

Gearing up for a two-week Istanbul guidebook photo-shoot in the spring?
Oh sounds great!
Did you know Spring arrived in Istanbul since the mid of Jan, and.. ready to hear this: today it's 20 degrees celcius.
Will be following up your news impatiently.

Di Mackey said...

Thank you, Tara and Ms distracted by shiny objects

I'm so looking forward to returning to Istanbul, Nihal. Great to read that Spring is making its presence felt.