Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rome today ...

Pont Sant 'Angelo, Rome, originally uploaded by - di.

I've woken to drizzle and low grey skies here in Antwerp and have begun the muddle that is me preparing to travel. It's an organised muddle. In that moment when all appears lost, voila! I am packed.

I'm hoping my glasses turn up in that 'voila' moment, actually.

I had lessons on my new website last night, in-between arriving home from work and beginning to leave. My web-designer created the site using Expression Engine, and for the non-geeky like me, it's a dream to operate.

I hope to load and launch that in the weeks ahead and gather photographs and stories from Rome. I have a couple of interesting interviews lined up and as always in Rome, some photographs to take.

If anyone knows of a solution to Belgium's insurance industry not insuring camera equipment for travelling, I would be deeply grateful. So far, insurers outside Belgium won't cover my gear either ... but anyway, going wandering.
Back soon.

Just by the way, my flight is 1euro each way, plus 77euro in taxes. Stunning when you compare that to the cost of a flight to Rome from New Zealand.


paris parfait said...

I just bought two tickets to the US and they're 247 euros each round trip - of course there's double that per ticket in taxes. Sigh. Really, I think the airlines are ripping us off with this tax and fuel surcharge bit. Fuel prices have gone down, yet we pay more and get less service.

On a brighter note, I don't have to remind you to have a wonderful time in Rome. xo

furiousBall said...

beautiful shot, hope you find those glasses too

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

holy cats I'd love to live in a place with little statues all over the bridges and whatnot

Giovanni said...

Just by the way, my flight is 1euro each way, plus 77euro in taxes. Stunning when you compare that to the cost of a flight to Rome from New Zealand.

Would you like to hit me on the head with a chair, while you're at it? I'm not sure I'm in quite enough pain.

Have a great time in Rome.

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Tara, and the prices didn't seem horrendously bad ... without airport taxes added. I always expect it to be more to the States ... taxes, an evil invention.

Rome ... I do love this city :)

I didn't find my glasses, Van ... the 'safe place' I am often mocked for, finally revealed itself as a hopeful fiction. I have no glasses but I'm surviving.

Holy cats yourself Gary, I love the look of where you live, love your pottery too. I think you're doing okay :) but if you and the Missus come our way, you must visit Rome and stay somewhere sweet with little statues all over the bridges.

Oh Giovanni! I am so sorry, I was a little bit careless, wasn't I. But the price of the flight home has kept me away from home for almost 5 years now. :( Poverino you, poverina me.

As for the other, grazie, I'm am having a truly excellent time in Rome. I priced the train to Genova,there's a Fabrizio De Andre exhibition on in Palazzo Ducale but I'm not sure my Belgian would be delighted if I were to disappear to the north of the country before going home.