Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Di's new camera strap

Di's new camera strap, originally uploaded by - di.

It wasn't enough to invite me to Paris, no.

When I arrived Tara had the most perfect surprise waiting for me.

What? you wonder.

Well, I have this new and fantabulous camera but much to my horror, the details of said camera are written in big bold letters on its camera strap.

I fumed and I fretted when I realised, as low key is how I am about cameras, even if my delight in this machine did spill onto my blog.

Tara was quite possibly stunned by my absolute delight with her gift, my ongoing delight actually because everytime I picked up my camera in Paris, that beautiful green and gold strap you see in this photograph taken tonight, I would smile.

The deeply happy smile of that 10 year old kid who got that pony as a birthday gift.

So Tara ... as it's been a whole week since you heard this kiwi creature say 'thank you', here I am again, just one more time with a heartfelt and smiling 'thank you!'

If you like what you see, you can order your own camera strap over on Em's Etsy shop, although popping into her blog is a highly recommended idea too.


paris parfait said...

So glad it continues to make you smile. It does look quite fetching with that extraordinary camera! And Em will be pleased for the mention. Will you please stop by my blog and follow the trail towards adventure? :) Especially as you're about to embark upon yet another adventure of your own. Enjoy your roam in Rome. xo

furiousBall said...

love that strap! i want a guitar strap like that

Di Mackey said...

I did enjoy your guest interview, Tara. Thanks for leading me there.

You should get one then, Van. If Em doesn't already make them well ... maybe she would, for that charming guitar man from New Jersey ;)

awomynda said...

A 5d!! So jealous! love Em's straps too. x

Cuckoo said...

The strap is quite alluring. Nice shot !!

Di Mackey said...

Amanda, I've lost your blog link since you went private, would love an email with the address. We think of you often, wondering how your NZ life is going ...

The 5D ... should the opportunity present itself, I can do nothing but recommend it. I'm in love with it. And yes, Em's strap is lovely.

Thanks Cuckoo, the strap performed well in Rome today. I love using it :)