Friday, March 27, 2009

How the day ended ...

The photo-shoot went so well. I'm rapt with the results as viewed so far.

The antibiotics have kicked in and Jessie is out of bed, still taking painkillers for the headache but just seeming a little brighter.

Miss 4 ... well, an sms came in during the outdoor section of the shoot.
Was I picking Miss 4 up from kindy?

Oh my goodness ... I had lost track of time, common enough with me and photography but this wasn't so good. Rain was starting to fall, we were wrapping things up anyway and as I phoned about for a solution to my late arrival, my client offered to rush back to the car and take me there.

Miss 4 was duly rescued, on time, horrible gran that I am.

Jessie's recovery was timely because ... this morning, on my way to kindy with Miss 4, strangers stopped me in the street and without English showed me Jessie's Belgian identity card and year-long bus ticket, taped to the inside of a closed shop. It seems they recognised Miss 4, maybe me. It's like that with the early morning school crowd I guess.

Anyway, Jessie's the only one who can pick it up ... me not being her and all that.

It's been a day.

But the photography ... that! made it all worthwhile.


Peter said...

"strangers stopped me in the street and without English showed me" part
made many of us smile Di :-)

But it goes to show how caring some anonymous Antwerp locals can be in retrieving a lost ID card, even in Dutch ;-)

Di Mackey said...

Indeed, Peter but they were about as local as me ;) just better at Nederlands.

I think the thing I love most about Antwerpen is that 1. if I speak English, they switch to English and 2. If I speak Nederlands, they pretty much insist we talk English.