Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hash House Harriers - Ides of March Run, Roma

Ides of March Run, Roma, originally uploaded by - di.

So this was the setting off, some of the participants walking down the side of the hill from Piazza La Malfa to Circo Massimo - the place where the chariot races were held once upon a time.

I was photographing the Rome Hash House Harriers Ides of March Run, held here in the city of Rome but that's a story for the new website - coming soon. I kept up with them, taking photographs as they moved through the city ... initially I started out with the walkers but lost those walking at my pace due to photographing the pub stop a little too intently.

To continue, I had to go on with the runners. Fortunately much hilarity and non-serious actions meant that I could keep up but oh the cost ... I ache tonight, after racing around the city (not quite having to run), heavy camera and gear, forgetting my reality in pursuit of that perfect hashing shot.

Anyway ...Caesar was killed on the spot Julius Caesar was actually killed. Much tomato sauce was used and many photographs were taken.

It was a good day.


V-Grrrl said...

Smiling a the thought of your camera laden self bobbing behind the masses like a wee one trying to keep up with the big kids. : )

Barbara said...

Di, I've been so tongue-tied, savoring ALL these posts, but this one is just so deliciously FUN! It just caught me off guard and I love that about your work!!

paris parfait said...

Well I can't wait to see the rest of this series! :) But poor you, carrying that gear and keeping up with a bunch of runners! I expect you'll be happy to put your feet up for a minute or two. :) xo

Di Mackey said...

Oh, I was, Ms V. And I was talking to people too.

Thanks Barbara, it's lovely to read this as I sit here, half unpacked, trying to work out what to do next as there seems to be quite a bit needing done.

My feet, I didn't dare count blisters or really look at them until I arrived home. Gert has been looking after me. :) It's terrible but I can do almost anything if there is a camera in my hand, it's afterwards that I get into trouble ... when the pain kicks in. xo

Anonymous said...

Here some pictures about the Hash House Harriers
on 15 March 2009 before the statue of Caesar