Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sigh ... my life.

So going to the bathroom is just one of those things people do ...

Not so in my apartment, no no no.
One should never relax, not for a moment.

I wandered up the hall, noting that Gert had left the bathroom light on after showering, smiling over the mocking I might have been thinking of giving him, as he's so much better at being an adult than I am and sometimes gives small lectures on the apartment being lit up.

I rounded the corner and wandered into the big bathroom only to fall back, clutching at my chest, gasping in fright ... there's Little Miss 4, sitting on the toilet like a cute little elf.

Normal enough you think but no, little Miss 4 has just entered into that period of no more night-time nappies. Winter was long and cold and grey, spring seems more ideal for those sheets accidentally wet.

Fright over, I was so proud of her.

Then she reached up to me, eyes pretty much closed, with something pinched between two fingers, 'Here, you can have this.'

I was naturally wary, suspecting she might be gifting me a bogey, or a snottebel , Flemish for the long wet snot that hangs from a childs nose but so amusing a word that we kiwis now use it when talking of bogeys in general - not that we do that kind of thing regularly.

How could I have so misjudged my granddaughter?
She was handing me one of the plastic diamonds she had stuck to her earlobes today ... or perhaps it was the one from the middle of her forehead.

Anyway, what can I say but 'this is my life ...chaotic delicious unexpected and oftentimes amusing.'


paris parfait said...

Ha ha! (And that photo does look much better. Merci!) xo

Di Mackey said...

Oh Tara, you would have collapsed on the floor laughing had you been here to witness it all.

And dank u wel with your gentle reminder about the photograph.

Barbara said...

Ah, toilet humor ... something we know well here ... it didn't stop when the boys grew up and, sorta, left:) Really, she sounds absolutely adorable and precocious ... I love it!

Di Mackey said...

Indeed ... although humour only after I understood what was sitting there on the toilet, Barbara :)

V-Grrrl said...

I'm just glad she didn't curse at you in Portuguese for disturbing her toilet time. ; )

Di Mackey said...

Oh lordy, even that's possible these days, Ms V. I'm photographing the woman she learned that from today. xo