Monday, March 30, 2009

The oddest thing ...

Gert and I ate out tonight, as he had a last-minute meeting to attend and not enough time between work ending and the meeting beginning to come home and return to the city.

We were having a lovely time at our second-favourite eating-out place when my phone rang.

It was a Turkish guy I know from the integration centre and his English isn't so good and my Nederlands and Turkish are 'interesting' when it comes to conversation so his English-speaking friend came on the line and translated for him.

You see, he had wanted to tell me that he was visiting Istanbul in April and wondered if I wanted him to bring anything on his return.

We talked some more ... it turns out that we'll be travelling on the same flight on the same day at the same hour.

There are 10 million people in Belgium and at least 14 million people in Istanbul and here we are, on the same plane by chance.


paris parfait said...

That is a happy coincidence! And gorgeous photo, by the way! xo

Di Mackey said...

Thanks, Tara. It's a gorgeous city and Galata Tower, pictured there, is one of my favourite places there - especially when I'm out on the Bosphorous.

Nihal said...

My oh my, great shot of the Tower of Christ, or Galata Tower as called most of the time.
Indeed what a nice coincidence. Both of you will be lucky as it's super sunny days upon us, and only t-shirt seems enough. Should find my flip-flops this weekend.
Looking fwd to read your Ist'l articles w/ your photos a-kind-of-die for. I know Mr Sun will help you to take so amazing snapshots:)

Di Mackey said...

I have been so slow to reply, sorry Nihal. Galata Tower is one of my favourite places in Istanbul - I love the journey there, on the way to somewhere beautiful, having walked through other kinds of beautiful. Then there's the view!

Maybe we'll find time for some coffee, Nihal? Anyway, so looking forward to returning.