Monday, March 09, 2009

Franky Bostyn, The Belgians Have Not Forgotten Exhibition

Dave sent mail, letting me know that one of the lovely guys I know on Flanders Fields had given an interview on National Radio, New Zealand.

Click on this link when you reach the Radio New Zealand page: Franky Bostyn: Passchendaele: The Begians Have Not Forgotten. A new exhibition about World War 1 - 90 years on, the nightmare of Passchendaele continues. (duration: 8′26″)

Franky Bostyn is the curator of an exhibition - The Belgians Have Not Forgotten - soon to be touring New Zealand. He is also a published author and the curator of the The Passchendaele Memorial Museum.


Catherine said...

My grandmother lost both a brother and two nephews at Passchendaele - on the other side of the family, my grandfather was shot through the elbow, we were always fascinated by the way he could bend it backwards and lean on it.
Glyn Harper's book "Massacre at Passchendaele" was an eye-opener for me, also there was a TV documentary here a couple of years back in which actress Robyn Malcolm made a pilgrimage to find out what had happened to her great-uncle, it was very moving.

Di Mackey said...

Catherine, if you have anything you need photographed down there, let me know and I'll find their graves or name on the memorial next time I'm there.