Monday, April 07, 2008

You know when ...

You know when the police ring on the doorbell downstairs and want in and they say a lot in Dutch, very fast, so that you have to say 'Ik spreek Engels' and they sound a little testy and say 'It's the police. Let us in!' and you do because that's what you're taught to do?

But ... there's no screen to identify them on.

And you wonder why they're coming to visit, assume they're checking that the daughter and granddaughter really live here, tidy your hair a little and wait but they stop downstairs and you think 'Okay?' but then the banging begins and the drill and you think 'Dammit, are they police?' And 'What are they doing?'

But having watched a few too many television shows you don't really feel inclined to open your noisy front door and peer over the spiral staircase railing because ... if they aren't police you will be the person able to identify them, so won't they have to poke out your eyes or something?

So I phoned the Belgian but he was of no use and hadn't even thought through the issues of me having a look to make sure they were who they said they were ...sigh.

And anyway, the other elderly neighbour across the hall downstairs will surely pop his head out to check out the noise because that's what he always does when there's too much noise.

But wouldn't I want someone else to do this for me?

Okay, going to look ...

On my return.
I'm mortified.
I acted like a city person.
Whoever they were, they left while I had my iPod-like music player playing.

After going out to pick up Miss Three, I learned that the locks were changed on the apartment below and one has to see the politie if they want to enter.
Seems authentic ...


Manictastic said...

That must have been one very werid experience. I hope nothing got stolen or killed, or whatever.

Di Mackey said...

It was weird but the note on the door seems to say that anyone wanting to enter that apartment has to go via the police.

I keep having experiences that Gert's never had in this country of his ...

Alex said...

What the heck happened Di? You all OK. Sounds a bit worrying.

Usually things are nice and quiet in your neck of the woods, and now this.

I don't know, I pop in to find out how things are going in your world, and find a mini earthquake!

All the best,


Di Mackey said...

Ciao Alex. Well ... by the time Gert arrived home, the notice on the door was gone so I have no idea what it was about.

A mini earthquake ... a disconcerting jolt definately :)

Peter said...

Probably a crime, family incident or business issues.

Can I hijack your comment section regarding the local police, on a personal note?

A lovely Antwerp police officer (female) just wrote me a ticket (50 EUR) for parking for 1 min near a quiet residential road crossing where virtually no car ever passes by.

She forgot a sign specifically allowing it. So she probably also forgot her glasses, or this country tries to find alternative funding to get rid of the national deficit.

I took pictures, called for legal assistance and decided not to pay.

I love police courts ;-)

Di Mackey said...

Police courts ... lol, wicked man.

How frustrating though. Shall I come with my camera ;)