Monday, April 14, 2008

Still running in sand some but getting there ...

I worked most of the morning on a small writing workshop offered up by Pam, over at Nerd's Eye View.

A 200 word post (or less) following a prompt. I only discovered it late last night but managed to skid in before the deadline today.

One of the things I have always struggled with in my writing is the letting it go ... the saying it's done. It was no different this time and I'm trying not to look at again because part of me would like to put the end at the beginning and alter things some to make that work too ...

In other news from my day ... one of the delightful things about Belgium is that the workers have rights. The downside is you can never be sure of which days the shops will be open. I raced into the city today, intent on getting a photograph framed for Lut only to find the framing shop closed Mondays ...

Then some photographs I had printed didn't print as they should have so it's back in tomorrow, with a couple of extras.

I have this huge 'to-do' list ... feeble sigh.

But today! There was time spent catching up with the lovely Peter and that was pure relaxation.

I climbed his impressive spiral staircase, it's probably 3x the height of mine and clearly deadly if one is foolish enough to drink too much red wine, saw his cathedral view and peeked out at the river from his balcony, heard a ship's horn as it passed by and smiled over the tinkling of the very serious European cathedral bells.

Veronica, you were missed :)

Back to business, and a glass of red wine before dinner I think.
Tot straks.


furiousBall said...

In a way, that not letting go is OK you know. As a song writer, I never like songs to be considered done and shelved. Music, like writing is about exploration and change, alterations are OK, give yourself that room to do so in some senses. Be good to yourself Di, you = good stuff.

Peter said...

Thank you for visiting Di! (Hans is still looking at your flowers, asking 'what did you do to deserve this?' ;-)

I'm glad we were able to spent that much time together and catch up.

Yes, my hazardous, over-the-top spiral staircase - guess it's way too late to sue the architect :-)

I hope your swiftly manage to go through your huge 'to-do' list.

Like you found out, letting you when a task appears to be finished can be a complex endeavor. Much like furiousball, I have that tendency to go for countless fine tuning.

Manictastic said...

Didn't you know that Monday equals Sunday here? Most non-chain shops are closed on mondays. It can be so frustrating, but it's oh so nice when you work there. :)

Enjoy your wine. :P

Mark J said...

Tried to catch you online - but to no avail. Bit like those bloody shops really :) Much love - Otago Boy :)

Di Mackey said...

Hey Van, thank you.

I think that you're right but this was written so fast that it was disturbing to cut it loose in under 24 hours ... eek!

Oh Peter, it was a pleasure! Thanks for inviting me. I did smile when I read of Hans response to the flowers ... I guess I should have made him a pavlova ;)

I'm hopeless with to-do lists. I think I draw them out via disorganisation and a willingness with regard to being distracted lol.

I like that Monday equals Sunday in Belgie, Manic ... just not when it's a shop I need to be open ;)

The wine was lovely, interupted by a small bike ride. No Belgians were injured by this 'wrong side of the road riding kiwi'.

I'm sorry Mark, it's been a bit crazy lately and the chances of having a conversation that made sense were slim :) I'll look out for you asap - birthday soon eh?

V-Grrrl said...

Oh so very, very jealous you ascended Peter's stairs and saw him and Hans and the view!



I'm going to have to put my disc of Antwerp photos into the drive and have a virtual visit with y'all.

chiefbiscuit said...

I love church bells. We heard the Ch'ch Cathedral bells on Sunday - deep and sonorious on a bright, sunny autumn morning - but I am guessing the history-steeped Belgian brick and stone give the bells you heard a resonance a young country like ours can only dream of ... :)

Inge said...

Your decription of Peter's view captures the mood of Antwerp very well - my time to let out a sigh now... Then again, Wellington harbour on a nice day isn't too shabby either :-).

Di Mackey said...

You'll be back, V - we're counting on it :)

There's a lot of tinkling bells and complex tunes between the hours. It makes me smile, chiefbiscuit. I don't think we go as far as these European bells

Oh Inge, let's just make each other homesick :) I spent a few days with a friend who was living in Brooklyn in Wellington and I adored the view from my perch on the side of the hill.

Wellington is fairly superb on a sunny-shiny day, or a stormy day or even a rainy day if you're in the right place.