Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sitting still for a moment ...

3 hours sleep last night in no way prepared me for my today ...

I worked all morning and sent out my very first 1000 subscriber newsletter. It was a bit buzzy to be honest.

Lunchtime and I raced into the city with a huge list of errands and that would have been fine but for the huge thud as the tram ground to a halt slowly, crashing over something metal, then something soft.

A collective gasp went up as we all thought a bike had been hit and flattened, along with the rider but then ... a heap of a car completed its u-turn, huge mess with its side all stoved in and drove off.

The tram had clearly run over pieces of car, unable to stop in time.

The driver was furious and started making the round of phone calls required to notify the powers that be an accident had occurred.

Some people started trying to leave, I was already a little bit late for my first meeting unfortunately this made the driver very impatient with us and we were all sent back to our seats.

Okay ... so the chances of further accidents were high, as you step out of the tram and straight into traffic.

Like scolded children we sat waiting while the tram limped along and pulled off the mainline near Centraal Station and then we were given permission to leave.

A brisk walk and I was only 30 minutes late.
The schedule went downhill from there and I'll have to work out how to gracefully exit before lunch on the temple visit tomorrow, just to get everything done.

Welcome to the real world of multiple tasks, Di ;)


Manictastic said...

Soon you'll miss the non-working days because back in those days you had time for yourself. lol, people always want what they don't have :P

Di Mackey said...

Lol, I'll be okay Manic, today was just one of those terrible days full of unexpected things and all on 3 hours sleep ... there's always the dishes, cooking dinner and cleaning too.

I like how it is now mostly. Work that I love,adventures sometimes AND the illusion of money ... never mind that the Belgian govt takes an impressive chunk of it.

How's things with you? I should email eh :)

chiefbiscuit said...

Is it just me - or is your life full of incidents?! There certainly always seems to be something exciting going on in your life! (I love it!) :)

Di Mackey said...

I was a little bit worried today, Kay but was lucky and after a bit of a hairy bus trip, I had the meditation room experience.

It's 10pm Wednesday as I write this, and I'm only just home from a really long day that felt like a week but yes, I love it too.

V-Grrrl said...

Three hours sleep. I know how that feels. Glad there wasn't a poor soul under the tram...

Di Mackey said...

I thought you might know that feeling, Ms V and like you, I'm glad it wasn't a person under the tram.

There has been at least one more since you left. The number is getting quite high here in Antwerpen.