Monday, April 28, 2008

Peaks and Lows

So today is about playing granma to a sick little Miss 3.

After racing through last week, photographing Belgium and meeting so many good and interesting people, today is the day where I slow down completely.

Jessie is full-time at both Nederlands class and social orientation, so that's me, self-designated slave to the nearly 4-year-old creature and delighted to be so really.

Everyone's here today too - 6 at the breakfast table, 4 different destinations to race out to. Miss 3 and me ... we have a pyjama-wearing television and medicine day ahead of us.


Manictastic said...

It's the perfect weather for a slumber party. Just stay nice and warm under a cute little blanket and watch Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon all day long.

V-Grrrl said...

pajama days are a very good thing, especially after one has been crazy busy.

chiefbiscuit said...

What a good Gran'ma you are. Precious days and memories - all too fleeting, catch them and hold them while you can.

Di Mackey said...

I wish ... we raised out for medicine and a Dora dvd, we chilled, then everything sped up and everyone came home. Madness :)

Specially after the 'crazy busy' stuff.

You're right, chiefbiscuit - my baby is 21. How did that happen?

Today we're looking for the safe place where I put the kids disprin equivalent. Two days of doting gran and I do believe I might be losing my mind :)