Friday, April 25, 2008

Off wandering again ... Flanders Fields

Martin and Mieke are picking me up soon and we're off to Flanders Fields. It's ANZAC Day for New Zealanders and Australians, so there will be special commemorations all over the world as we remember those who died in World War One.

But we're doing a little more than the commemoration. Tonight is the opening of an exhibition titled Brave Little Belgium.

Martin has written about it over on the Flanders 1917 website.

It's warm here, they're predicting 18-20 degrees celsius without the rain of the last two days. It's a big VIP night tonight with the exhibition opening but even better is the fact that I get to catch up with Flanders Fields friends, not seen since November last year.

But I should sprint ... I have under an hour to get the camera and myself ready for more than 12 hours out there, after the insanity that is the kindy run and 'what's for dinner' thing.

Tot straks from the kiwi.

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