Thursday, April 10, 2008

A quietly satisfying day

At times I was a little cross-eyed, trying to make my pdf link work on the website long after the sugar buzz had worn off but other parts of my day were just grand.

It began in the ultimate mobile office ... the train from Antwerpen to Brussels.
If I board at Central Station, I'm guaranteed one of the single seats with a tray table. So I wrote up an outline for the photo gallery on the new website almost through its development stage.

I love where I work.
I'm lucky and have this rather deliciously special group of people I get to call colleagues.

I spent the day working and during the course of that day, I checked in at my gmail account. The result of those checks are a school visit as competition judge of that photography competition at a high school here in Belgium.

Then there was an enquiry from a web designer in need of a photographer and as I write this, I'm sending photographs that capture the essence of Belgium (I hope) to a magazine website in Egypt.

It's been one of 'those' days.

Tomorrow Lut and I are disappearing off into a place of pampering and beauty.
I have to take a swimsuit.
There's talk of a massage.
I'll get back to you ...


Inge said...

I'm curious: what's the essence of Belgium and how doyou capture it in photos? The pampering trip sounds delightful, I could do with some of that too... Geniet ervan!

Manictastic said...

Have a wonderful day.

Di Mackey said...

The essence of Belgie, Inge ... well it was a matter of looking back through 3 years of photographs and choosing the best from - Flanders Fields, Rubens Market, some of the cultural events I've photographed, poppies and landscapes, Belgian houses and a shot from Dinant, and maatjes (more Dutch I know but I never had them till I arrived here)

Maybe I should put together an exhibition, or create one. A Kiwi's View of Belgium.

Thanks Meneer Manic.