Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gone wandering ...

Supporting really.

Gert's running the the Antwerp 10 Miles today.

Will get back to you...


Anonymous said...

Yes, we know, and how! Congratulations to The Belgian!!
Kiwi must be good for ones body!
Now let's try Turkish food!
See you!

Peter said...

I noticed Di: he just passed me by near Antwerp cathedral -
I've got a shot over at my blog to prove it :-)

V-Grrrl said...

Woo hoo! Go Gert go!

Di Mackey said...

Hmmm, maybe he's in training so as to escape me periodically, Lut ;)

Thanks for letting us know about the shot, Peter. I completely missed out on finding him amongst the 1000s who started and finished.

And 'go' he did, Ms V.