Thursday, April 17, 2008

So today ...

I learned that there is a really good chance that I'll fly in from Rome and back out to ISTANBUL!!!

The happy dance turned into a frenzied crazy joyous dance.

It's work you see.
They're running a training course in Istanbul and it's the only English one this year ...

I'm stunned - 2 of my best loved cities in a matter of days.
I'll let you know if it all pans out, and start warning my Istanbul friends that there's a very good chance that the yabanci from yeni zelanda will be flying in soon.


Anonymous said...

Talking of something else ... how are your teeth doing? Nasty, isn't it?
Enjoy all the opportunities you have, my dear, I do hope we'll enjoy Italy or Turkey together one day. Bring your gloves tomorrow, we have work to do in the garden! :)
See you!

Di Mackey said...

My teeth ... sigh, I go back in 6 weeks when the gum has healed enough for the refill.

I'm sure we'll enjoy Italy and Turkey together some time in the near future.

Gloves ... gardening?
You do know I fled a gardening family back in New Zealand. Your humour would have made my mother laugh ;)

Manictastic said...

Oh that's amazing. You'll be a real travelling woman. The pictures you'll bring back will be absolutely making-me-jealousy gorgeous.

V-Grrrl said...

Oh yes. The universe is honoring your intentions. That's a good and well deserved thing.

I know these are places burrowed deep in your heart. How will they look and feel to you now? Lots of stories to tell, and not only with your camera.

Circirbocegi said...

Thanks for your note:) because I found you with this way:)

Good blog with good photos.

Best wishes


Di Mackey said...

Thanks for your faith in me, Manic :)

Lots and lots of stories, V. I think I might start searching for some markets ... need to pay for the trip somehow.

Thank you Circirbocegi. Lovely to find you here :)