Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Blue balloons and other things ...

a blue balloon out my window, originally uploaded by - di.

Gert took a post-run day from work and we went out shopping.

He loves shopping and I don't, so when new clothes are needed for things like wedding shoots in Berlin and summer wandering, he takes me out and eases me through the process.

So we found a few things and many hours later, dragged ourselves home.

There was dinner and now it's onto preparing for tomorrow's big adventure. I'll get back to you on that once it's done.

Meanwhile, this blue balloon floated over tonight and I couldn't resist taking a few photographs.


furiousBall said...

beautiful shot, look forward to hearing about tomorrow's adventure

Manictastic said...

Gert likes shopping? lol.

It's a nice blue ballon, not too much reklaam on it.

An adventure? Sounds thrilling!

V-Grrrl said...

I found some shirts online that are oh-so-me, ordered them and was pleasantly surprised when they arrived today and were even nicer than expected. I did a wee happy dance, feeling like my best self. All clothes should do that for a Grrrl.

I really like shopping online from a few favorite sites. In the stores? Not so much.

Pam said...

Another thing we have in common, you and I: Euro guys who love shopping. I HATE it. HATE it. HATE it.

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Van :)

It was kind of thrilling, Meneer Manic ... a school visit and a wander round Brugge.

Online shopping appeals but I can't imagine getting it right. I'm bad enough at the trying on and real life shopping, V.

Hmmm, next time you're over this way, maybe they can go shopping and we can go find a nice place to drink wine in the sun, Pam.