Sunday, April 20, 2008

And yes,

Man with the medal, originally uploaded by - di.

Gert did receive a medal for finishing his 10 mile run.

He did it in 1 hour 45 minutes approximately. He'll know tomorrow for sure - there's this electronic chip all competitors wore on their shoelaces ...

He came over to meet me afterwards and the heavens opened in the worst way. More than 14,000 people - many many more I believe, all headed for the metros and buses returning us all to the city from the Left Bank of Antwerpen.

It was a bit of a nightmare.
It was raining, we were soaked and the pubs were all crowded.

I managed to lead him back to my lunchtime cafe and we warmed up over coffee and tea before jamming ourselves back onto a tram a good 45 minutes later.

It's good to be home ...

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Peter said...

Congratulations Gert!

I looked at the professional shots from over at:
foto_order=1&language_id=1 )
and really,
it must have been quite an experience.

Especially that steep old tunnel seemed like quite an obstacle..