Sunday, April 20, 2008

A top floor view of things

A top floor view of things, originally uploaded by - di.

The police helicopters spent the day in the air covering the series of marathons and we have a slightly superb view on the top floor of our building.

I love the way they skim over us here.
Somehow, 4 years spent as an air force officer's wife back in New Zealand left me with this fascination for some flying objects.


Peter said...

You know Di, there used to be a petition online to stop the often weird behavior by the Antwerp police helicopter.

Imagine enjoying a pieceful lunch on your balcony while a very noisy police shopper is flying round, and round, and round.., often at very low altitude when there is no 10 miles or crime in progress.

I once waved and they almost landed on my balcony, using their long range cameras to get a clear shot of me. Most of my riverbank neighbors hate them, especially when it looks like they're just flying around to burn the monthly allocated amount of kerosene.

Anyway, I do love helicopters :)

Anonymous said...

I know that machine ... it feels good to see them flying for a big peacefull happening, most of the time when we see them, it is for a "sportive" meeting ... at Antwerp Football Stadion ...

Di Mackey said...

I am intrigued by them, loving the whole helicopter thing, I'm delighted when they hover here but it's a rare thing so I guess that makes it so much easier to enjoy Peter :)

The Antwerpen football fans lol, yes. Gert explained back in the early days and I can see that perhaps the helicopter might have been required as a precautionary presence, Lut.