Friday, April 04, 2008

a difficult couple of days ...

I've spent the last 2 hours, willing the time to fly by while I waited the almost recommended time for my next dose of painkillers.

This flu has been a dog and I spent most of yesterday in bed, napping and coughing, then most of last night coughing and sleeping.

Today I didn't know if there was any improvement simply because I was so tired and I had this headache. My neck, rearranged long ago during a 100km per hour flight from my pillion position to the road, seemed to be protesting the very forceful cough.

It was too sore to lie down but I kept falling asleep sitting up ... so I waited for time to pass and perhaps I'm feeling a lot better - like typing at least.

My sister's 40th birthday ...
In New Zealand, Saturday April has already begun and I'm still adding to the box of goodies even today. I went out for cough syrup and came home with a few more treats for the box.

I can imagine Sands raising an eyebrow on reading this, knowing the true test will be in the posting of said present.

Mark's flying home for the big party but Auckland to Dunedin isn't quite Europe to New Zealand. I didn't offer that kidney on Ebay and so didn't quite find the 1500euro airfare.

And this isn't your birthday post, Sandra ;)


Manictastic said...

Poor you. But I'm sure that one day, you will be able to fly back to New Zealand with both your kidneys. And if your lucky even with your two lungs :D

Di Mackey said...

Lol, bedankt! You did make me laugh. There's a small inheritance that should get me home this year, fingers crossed ... and intact ;)

Do you know, it takes hundreds of euros in taxes and social security every 3 months just to stay in business on paper ... We need you to switch your uni studies and get into politics, become prime minister and lead this country in a direction that is slightly more friendly towards small business owners.


furiousBall said...

Feel better amiga, having a cough sucks. No sleep, sore throat, etc.

V-Grrrl said...

Now is the time for all Sick Grrrls to GO TO THE DOCTOR. The Curly Grrrl, went, but you haven't, have you?

I'm going for a physical this afternoon and to have my wild heart checked. Remember luv, knowledge is power, and as Manic noted, healthy lungs and kidneys are rather a good thing.

Di Mackey said...

But the doctor said that the curly grrrl would probably have the cough for 4-5 weeks and that there wasn't much she could do for her.

And my doctor in NZ once said, a long time ago that, a cough like this goes away in a couple of weeks with antibiotics and 2 weeks without :)