Saturday, April 19, 2008

And so the research begins ...

This morning I was inspired to begin searching for information on Rome, with Istanbul research to follow. I have some delicious interviews beginning to line up in Turkey.

Since forever I've studied people, and this has evolved into an unconscious examination of how I might photograph them. In recent years the feeling has become stronger and these days it's all I can do not to ask strangers if I might photograph them because ... just because I see something extraordinary, something I would like to try and capture in them.

Yesterday there was a woman on the tram with an incredible jawline, later that day there was a young guy talking into his phone, trying to charm his way out of trouble. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not beginning to 'see' so much of a day-to-day as a cascade of possible images.

So to Rome ... I found the Really Rome website - hugely recommended if you want to web-wander in one woman's Rome.

Last night, Gert and I were trying to organise flights and accommodation from Brussels to Rome and then back to Brussels or ... on to Istanbul and ohmygod, is it really that expensive to go from Rome onto Istanbul!

The costs can be spread out over two months of income, as long as I can work from the road ... and if all goes to plan, I'll have some stories and images to sell. I have just under 5 weeks to prepare.

Gert's running tomorrow, did I mention that?
He's doing 10 miles of the marathon here in the city. Today is carb-loading day, pasta and rice and bread and ... you get the picture. He's been quietly training for weeks and is pleased with his progress.

We're hoping I can find a place to view the race but even reaching the city is going to be interesting based on the number of people competing and the fact that the race starts on the Left Bank ... accessed by car and foot tunnels under the river.

Let's see how it goes.


Manictastic said...

Go Gert! Go!

Yea, traveling in Europe can be hard. You just need to find the right sites and know the right places to fly cheaply. Maybe you should delve into your Italian fan base and see what they suggest to travel cheaply. I think there must be a cheaper airport around Rome which has good connections to Istanbul.

Anonymous said...

Did you check "edreams"?
Hope you will find the right flight .. and enjoy Rome and Istanbul. But I know you will.
See you!

V-Grrrl said...

E searched mightily for info on the flat we rented in Italy--which was very reasonable and a top floor accommodation with a nice terrace.

Sadly, we no longer have any of the info. WAH!

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Manic, think it's done now frustration though.

And dank u wel for edreams. It's a very useful site.

Thanks V. I found something online via a blogger and a link and on. It seems fabulous, full report on my return.

Simon said...

For me, every day is carb-loading day, and I've never had a marathon as an excuse...

Di Mackey said...

Mmmm yes, I didn't realise my eating habits were 'carb-loading' ... oops.