Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beautiful People ...

Monday and I was over in Brussels for a photo shoot.
Tonight I sat down to process them.

As seems to be usual now, I am stunned by the beauty I didn't quite see in this person until I looked at her through my viewfinder.

It keeps happening.
It's as if people hold themselves in a certain way in their everyday lives, or perhaps I don't take the time to really see them and then they unfold for the camera.

I need to ask permission to post any of her images.

I'll get back to you ...

Today the 3 photo competition winners also allowed me an impromptu photo session on the steps of a stranger's house someplace in Brugge.

Again, permission required but hopefully I'll be allowed.


furiousBall said...

your tales of photographing europe make me feel like a lil' speck of sand on a beach staring at the ocean

Di Mackey said...

i kept coming back to your comment. i loved it - thank you.

but i read your world when i want a taste of what i miss from home, in the best way.

gert smiled and said 'imagine how it is for me living with the ocean' which surprised me too because mostly i feel like a chaotic mess who rarely knows what the week will bring.