Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring in Antwerpen

a blossom path, originally uploaded by - di.

And then there was this ...

I had a couple of hours to fill while Gert was out running.

A bread, cheese and wine lunch at an outdoor cafe on Antwerpen's Left Bank - shared with Nick Danziger's superb 'Danziger's Adventures', I wandered back to the appointed meeting place after the race.

And on the way, I found this.


V-Grrrl said...


love the sweet promise of this photo

furiousBall said...

gorgeous, gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Makes someone wish for spring a whole lifetime long ... such a nice shot!

Peter said...

Dreaming of summer: a perfect shot Di.

As I'm often on the left bank I've been trying to locate your shot, but failed ;-)

Di Mackey said...

Thanks guys! :)

And Peter, Gert thought it was Blancefloerlaan. I was in search of a baguette, cheese and red wine lunch for book-reading and time-filling after he left on his race. This was where my wandering took me and maybe I only saw it because the street light was red and I had to wait, looked round and voila!

Anonymous said...

Dear Peter, you'll never find back the places Di is wandering ... neither will she most of the time. But we're so lucky to have her nice shots!
See you!

Di Mackey said...

You made me laugh until I coughed, Lut although admittedly, I still struggle to re-find the Antwerpen Botannical Gardens.

Peter said...

LOL Lut&Di :-)

Di, I'm convinced that somehow a part of you actually enjoys blanking out the existence of maps, as it is much more fun just discovering these hidden treasures while wandering: a touch of innocence à la
"Follow The Yellow Brick Road".

I crossed some people near Antwerp cathedral when a loud, synthesized voiced exclaimed:
"next, turn left". Yes, they were carrying a GPS... Quite practical, but kind of lethal if you want to preserve the magic of wandering.

[The Antwerp Botanical Gardens are right in front of the Bourla Theater. Oh, but then I have to explain how to get to the Bourla ;-) ]

Di Mackey said...

Ahhhh, the Bourla ... lol no, just kidding. No idea where that is.

I have a theory about why I'm SO lost in Belgium and it has to do with the lack of visible geographical markers. How anyone gets by without hills, mountains, beaches or lakes is kind of odd to me ...