Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Tonight I learned that I have a week in Rome in May ...

A moment while I dance the dance of pure joy.

My question: Does anyone out there know of a lovely place to stay?

I want to photograph Rome endlessly, I would love to be in walking distance of as much as possible, and I would like to hear if there are any interesting folk to be interviewed there in that beautiful world.

As a photographer/writer, my budget is smallish but can be stretched for something lovely perhaps.

All suggestions would be so welcome and appreciated.



Manictastic said...

I saw a movie about a fountain in Rome. I think it's a pretty famous fountain. You should see that fountain. I forgot the fountain's name though. Sorry about that.

Di Mackey said...

Uh huh ... so there is you, young and intelligent forgetting important things. How can this be????

leasanders said...

Hi, Di,
Greetings from the U.S. Just came across your blog and browsed your photos. They're great! Hmmm...Rome. Rome is a huge place. You may want to start looking into apartments that are let on a weekly basis or some of the hostels or monasteries. They generally are less expensive than the hotels. (But let me tell you, everything is expensive.)

Come by my blog when you get a chance -


V-Grrrl said...

Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance! (She kicks up her cowboy heels and hoots.)

We stayed in a lovely apartment in Rome, rented it for a week. The Metro was outside our door (along with a grocery store) and we walked until I thought I would collapse.

I'll check with The Man and see if we have info on the apartment still.

awomynda said...

you lucky duck! I love Rome....

chiefbiscuit said...

I can only dream at this stage ... but one day!

Peter said...

Rome in May is just perfect Di!

I can imagine you danced the dance of pure joy ;-)

Price levels are quite high though, but if you've got the right connections, much can be arranged.

Maybe you can get in touch with Simon's wife? She a native.

Anonymous said...

You learned that ... ?? I will torture you tomorrow afternoon till I know the name of the one that offered you that! What do you you have that I've not? Of course, I know, you're a splendid photographer, and I'm not. You're a kiwi, and I'm not. And many things more ... but still I'm jalous. At the other side, I will be in Turkey next thirsday ... and you're not. Are you jalous too?
You know I love you!
See you,

Di Mackey said...

Hey leasanders, lovely to find you here. Thanks for your comment.

I was working today but hope to catch up on your blog soon. As for Rome, last time I stayed in Campo dei Fiori and yes, 95euro per night. Fingers crossed I can find something nice for this time too.

Hmmm, I hope E can recall, that could be just grand, Ms V.

Maybe the kiwis from Belgium can hit Rome with their cameras one year, Amanda? Let's keep it in mind :) I can just imagine the stunning beauty you would create with your photography.

I'm sure of it, chiefbiscuit, with a stopover in Belgium for sure :)

I hope to find something just right, Peter :) Ohhhhh, Simon's wife Paola is Genoan ... I hope she doesn't read this lol ;)

Well Lut, we did the phone call full of laughter after I giggled over your comment. There's you off to Turkey next week!!!! I'll be so envious but happy, you deserve the trip. Maybe we could Istanbul together one day :)

I'm meeting my lovely cousin there. She's in Qatar just now and will fly in in May. That's who made me fly ... for flightless birds, us kiwis don't do too badly eh wot :)

Shashikiran said...

I like the mood in this picture.
Have a great time in Rome!

Di Mackey said...

Thank you Shashikiran, I hope to have a lovely time there.