Friday, October 19, 2007

A very serious Di with the new glasses photograph

de bril, originally uploaded by - di.

For Pam, who asked the question.

Oh and a 100euro special deal means I get the green bits on the side there ... sigh.


christina said...

Fabulous. Both you and the glasses.

And EUR 100? That's an incredible deal. I'm one of those with such bad eyes that my lenses alone tend to cost 4 times that much.

Peter said...

It's clearly a solid frame with a trendy touch that looks great on you.

Don't worry about the touch of colour: I once had a bright red frame that I actually picked out myself.

Di Mackey said...

100euros beats out the competition but leaves you with not so much choice ... but hey, I kind of like what I got.

Dank u wel Peter, I like the spin you put on them.

I'm a chick (okay, an old chick) who prefers to slip about discretely in black.

Pam said...

You. Look. Fabulous.

BTW, a thing I miss from Yurrup? The screamin' deals on specs. I just got new ones and they cost A LOT. A PILE. A GIANT WAD OF DOUGH.

V-Grrrl said...

Ah yes, I too like the green says the woman who has metallic purple frames. :)

I think you look quite smart and competent. Creative. You deserve to be paid lots of money.

Di Mackey said...

Come back when you're done with Haiwaii Pam ... glasses and things, some traveling maybe? Erin's doing the Spanish walk ... the big one. Sounds perfect.

Lol v-grrrl, okay, will add to my 'why you should hire me' blurb ... because I have new glasses and etc.

Manictastic said...

Your glasses color-coordinated with the grass you roll in sometimes :d Or have you stopped doing this since you have become a pro?

Di Mackey said...

Lol, I don't 'roll about in the grass' that's me creatively capturing my clients looking relaxed and natural.

I burned your cd yesterday, should be in the post Monday.

Mlle said...

oohhh.. very chic. Love 'em! AND I know that you posting your picture on here is you must really love them too!

Di Mackey said...

I love seeing ... it's funny, I didn't think too much about actually posting me, I was so in the moment about my vision.

Imagine, me just posting a photograph without thinking - yep, I love them Shanti.