Saturday, October 06, 2007

Another day ...

Today I was in France and the oddest things happened ...

I was traveling with the New Zealand Veterans Association as part of my ongoing assignment and we traveled to Arras and beyond.

I had a stunning time creating a photographic essay of their wanderings but ... it was later, back in Arras and upon wandering into a cathedral I was invited to be one of the judges at a photography exhibition inside.

Yes really.

It was lovely and I enjoyed viewing their work.

Then later, seated at a delicious little outdoor cafe table drinking a glass of red wine and writing postcards for people back home, this whole protest on bicycles began making its way round and round and round the small central plaza.

They were chanting slogans in French, looked kind of like middle-class young parents and they were followed by a police car that seemed crammed full of policemen ... slowly, round and round and round.

So I was the last one back on the bus and on telling my tales I was asked if I'd also seen a pig fall from the sky and fly away.

But it's all true, I swear it.


Manictastic said...

You saw a pig flying? Is that true? Wow, you're on lucky fellow.

Your pictures are lovely, like always and of course the stories which go with it are only possible when you are around. Keep up the good work Di!

Di Mackey said...

Thanks ... I think, Manic