Thursday, October 25, 2007

One of the things I love best about my life is ...

That I'm never sure about what's ahead.

Maybe it's taking photographs of ceremonies that commemorate battles fought during world war one or being asked if I photograph Moroccan weddings, maybe it's 3 hours in a Mosque with my camera or maybe, like today, it's a cooking session with women at Antwerpen's IVCA - the Intercultureel Vrouwen Centrum in Antwerpen.

I arrived late, having possibly annoyed some private home owner by ringing their bell on the wrong street to ask about the classes. Right number, wrong street. Greet saved me. Directions followed and little more walking found me entering a building full of warmth and life.

The cooking class had already begun ... ever the 'artiste' I was a little ditzy and late. I went to work and had the loveliest time photographing everyone as they worked and talked and occasionally posed for me. The 'job' culminated in me joining them in a delicious traditional Belgian lunch the group had made.

And conversations ... how I wished for more Nederlands. These women from all over the world had so much more Nederlands than me. The photographs ... I'm downloading them as I write this but I'm thinking that if I caught half of who these women seem to be, then the photographs will be heel mooi.

It's as I said at the start, I never know where this life will take me but there is talk of an interesting event in the near future. Meanwhile I have a cd of Gnawa Diffusion playing and the promise of a band that plays the 'real thing' in November.


Manictastic said...

The best thing of your life is what makes this blog great. You have seen more of Flanders/Belgium than most of us ever will.
Your Nederlands will improve over time, but it is like a good wine, it needs to age a little first :D (I knew you would love that analogy :d)

Anonymous said...

How could you ring the right bell in the wrong street? How would you ever drive a car the right side? I'm beginning to understand that some people take the best of life by making mistakes. But knowing you it is accepted and even appreciated. Where have you found your childly innocence staying forever? You are amazing. Stay that way and discover the world this way. I'm glad to be your friend. Lut

Di Mackey said...

Lol thanks Manic. Over the week of commemorations I'm almost sure I heard Belgie's national anthem more times than many Belgians hear it in 20 years ;) Maybe that equals my integration course?

Di Mackey said...

Dank u wel Lut :)

I began a long explanation then decided to simply thank you.

2 days until TURKEY! Have the best time xo

Manictastic said...

As long as you don't study the words of our anthem, you can stay. Because knowing them is a serious faux-pas :d