Monday, October 15, 2007

A slice of New Zealand life from the NZ Herald

Buchanan said police told him he could not leave the house and that the warrant for the search was issued under the Terrorism Act.

Police had broken a glass door into the house and Buchanan said he supposed he was expected to replace it.

"It's been a very annoying morning," he said.

Among the others arrested are a member of an anti-capitalist organisation for young people.

Others are film-makers and an artist.

Maybe it's not appropriate that I ended up giggling my way through reading this newspaper article aloud to Gert but read for yourself ... all the way through, as it gets more and more farcical as it goes on.

Oh New Zealand, how I love you!


Stargazer said...

Hello, I followed your link from David McMahon's authorblog. I like the cat in the pic you have at the top of the page. S/he's so sweet! I hope you enjoy your new life with your Belgian man :) in a new country and make lots of wonderful memories together.

Manictastic said...

I think they were aiding the New Zealand For Penguins Movement. I've been hearing loads about that organisation.

Di Mackey said...

Hey stargazer, nice to find you here. The cat was sleeping in the sun at a market in Istanbul.

Manic ... but I don't think they've caught onto the NZ for Penguins Movement yet, clearly that particular movement is way underground still ... covert little black and white things that they are.