Sunday, October 14, 2007

at the rugby, passchendaele, 7 october 2007


Inge said...

Hello Di, your friend Victoria told me about you blog and I'm glad I clicked on the link. I'm a Belgian woman (from Ypres, actually!) married to a Kiwi and now living back in New Zealand after several years abroad. Seeing the beautiful images you shot of my home region makes me long for Flanders - your photos are truly wonderful. I'll be checking regularly from now on :-). And yes, who could really believe that the All Blacks got beaten by France? My husband has sworn off World Cup rugby as a result!

Di Mackey said...

Lovely to find you here and I can imagine you longing for home. I love visiting that area of Belgie ... and enjoyed staying in Ypres ... my husband is Flemish so I always end up with the Dutch place names, as in Ieper.

Living in NZ, and here's me missing home after 3 years of not getting there.

The All Blacks ... that was so unbelievable. I worked sending out photographs that night, thinking I would see them play in the finals.

I met an English man back in September, so depressed because the English side was so bad, according to him. Sigh ...