Friday, October 12, 2007

Tyne Cot, October 12 2007

Tyne Cot, October 12 2007, originally uploaded by - di.

We attended a rather beautiful Dawn Ceremony on Flanders Fields this morning and this image is one of the photographs taken by my slightly superb Belgian 'assistant' and husband.

Two more ceremonies and then this adventure is over.

It's been an incredible privilege with unusual moments throughout. At one point, I found myself kneeling to photograph a haka next to one of New Zealand's legendary photographers.

Another moment and I was next to a well-known, medal-bedecked New Zealander, taking a side entrance into the cemetery ... the unlit side entrance in the 5.45am darkness. I was full of silent laughter, trying to be respectful while finding the whole thing more than a little hilarious.

Wayne Mowat, an old hero from Radio New Zealand, Mike McRoberts from TV3, hakas and Maori flutes.

It has been truly amazing.


chiefbiscuit said...

Woo hooo - who's been hobnobbing then?! Great stuff Di! What an experience - well done you. I hope from here there are some ripples for you to ride on to future assignments. You so deserve that. You are an awesome photographer.

Mark J said...

Was looking for you on the TV Di - but no luck there...

Mark J said...

You assistance needs a raise.
Nice shot Gert!

Di Mackey said...

Lol, thanks chiefbiscuit! It was an experience and a half - we've just arrived back home after detouring to France (25kms away)for good Brie, some wine and to post a postcard I hadn't posted when in Arras with the NZ veterans.

Some of the ripples have been a wee assignment with Hayley Westenra and the British army magazine, and the NZ Herald journalist had me send photographs for her piece. Still waiting to hear if they were used.

I hoped not to be Mark, I was usually standing right next to the cameras in the media area ... TV 1 the first day, TV 3 and Maori TV yesterday. I was concerned about a roving TV 3 camera at Menin Gate last night though.

My assistant is grand, isn't he. He took the tripod up the back of the cemetery and I worked up the front with a flash. It was a very nice collaboration and his shot is superb :) He has a few more stunning ones from that morning.