Sunday, October 21, 2007

Van Uytsel Tuincentrum

Work annoyances on a Sunday to one side, and moving on.

My day did actually start out quite nicely. Lut took me out this morning, shopping at Van Uytsel Tuincentrum in Kontich.
Bedankt Lut :)

Van Uytsel is the place where you go when you want to colour coordinate your Christmas, or Easter and etc. A huge building is full of all the decorations you can imagine and more.

We wandered the many aisles and I came home triumphant ... with a small packet of scented candles and two 5.30euro Honeysuckle plants, to be nurtured and cared for (and possibly kept inside for the winter). We have plans for a scented balcony garden come the spring.

Spring ... sigh, we just had our first noticeable Autumn frost here in the city this morning.

Candles burning, apartment clean after an attack by the grouchy cleaning woman ... alles good.


Manictastic said...

It's gonna be a long cold winter :(

Di Mackey said...

Nooo, don't say that. No one knows it for sure yet, do they?

V-Grrrl said...

The Attack of the Grouchy Cleaning Woman. Hmmm, that film was shown at my house this weekend too. I love how it ends... :)

Di Mackey said...

It's a movie rerun, often screening at my place.

Education tends to give women those delusions of grandeur and equality ...

Manictastic said...

It wasn't the greatest summer, that means the sea hasn't had its temperature boost during summer and is thus colder than normal. When our south-western wind rolls over the sea and hits us, normally it brings nice and warm weather (during winter, summer it brings a cool breeze) but now it probably hasn't warmed up enough, so it won't bring us loads of heat. Long cold winter, is thus the prediction. :( You do have to remember that Belgium lies more northerly than New York, and a NY winter ain't nothing to mess with.

Di Mackey said...

Sigh ... thanks Manic.

Hey, cd is burned. Just waiting on me to finish a couple of others, then I'll post :)

Getting there.

Alexpr said...

At least you've got plenty of Christmas decorations in Belgy - here in Italy they are not into Christmas decorations much - in fact Christmas back in the UK is more Christmasy. A Christmas tree is about the maximum you see in houses here. And Italians do not exchange cards either.

Do Belgians send each other Xmas cards? And Kiwis?

On the subject of Kiwis, I've met up with one here Michelle Laws - works for the European School of Economics here in Milan. So that's now three Kiwis I'm known or met in my life including you Di, and each of them has been a good egg.



Di Mackey said...

We are lovely eggs, and modest too, Alex.

Christmas cards are exchanged both here and in NZ. In NZ, and I'm not sure if it's changed yet ... we were in the habit of exchanging very traditional Christmassy scene-type Christmas cards - mother England and all that. I'd like to think things have changed now, since we do Christmas in summer.

I think NZ basically shares the same traditions as England. Belgium's similar in many respects but the kids get presents from the white bearded on on 6 December and he has a sidekick called Black Peter and it's all a bit cloudy for me still.

Kindest regards back to you Alex.