Tuesday, October 02, 2007

An interesting day ...

One where I learned that no, a ticket from Antwerpen to Brussels doesn't include the second train to the airport.

I looked mortified, he said 'Don't worry this time'.

It was a day where the next conductor also wanted to talk with me about my ticket.
Sigh ...

Apparently, his colleague had somehow stamped or clicked the ticket in an odd place. I blushed and suggested that 'Perhaps he was just toying with the foreigner, knowing you would react in this way'.

Best news of all, I found Corryl.

She had flown across the world, bearing all kinds of delicous and unexpected gifts but best of all was the bottle of Central Otago Pinot Noir. The same New Zealand Pinot Noir that is challenging France's dominance in the area of said wine.

New Zealanders ... such an incredible race of people and so modest too ;)

In retrospect ... no, even as it was occurring, it did cross my mind that a fast-forwarded movie of Corryl and I carrying, lifting, pushing, shoving and rolling her large 22kg suitcase up and down elevators and stairs, onto trains and trams and finally up that last little spiral stairway to our apartment, would be truly hilarious. We laughed often.

I went out and chose a frame for a client's 30x40cm canvased photograph and worried a lot. I realised that I don't ever want to select a frame for another person because it's all so personal.

I hope I chose right.

The jetlagged traveler wandered off to bed after a dinner of pumpkin soup, bread and a few of Belgium's glorious cheeses, having been Australian wined and charmed by little Miss Three.

Tonight I go over my camera gear, making sure all is charged and packed and ready for the next couple of weeks.

I hope your day was a delicious one too.


Peter said...

Di, I'm really getting fond of your adventures on Belgian trains. Somehow I must be doing something wrong: I just get on, bore myself and get off the train. Nothing ever happens. But over the past year, you did give me a number of hints on how to make traveling by train much more exciting ;-)

While my day was slightly less adventurous, I must agree that New Zealanders are an incredible race of people, exhibiting a remarkable warmth and hospitality that many Antwerp natives have long forgotten.

Have fun with your NZ guest and 'm sure you're feeling great now that your business is running smoothly.

Di Mackey said...

Lol, well another problem I've had, more than once, writes this mortified woman, is being escorted or sent out of first class. I used to forget to check for the 1 or the A ... I think I've been mortified often enough to 'get it' now.

My business is running 'bumpy' but maybe it's getting there - let's see it.

I'm looking forward to catching up with you in October. Take care and see you soon.